Frequently Asked Questions

2 How many tires fit into a container?

Into a 40 ft. container fit approximately 1500 tires. If they are tripled (3 in 1), approx. 2700 pieces. High cube containers fit approximately 10% more. A 20 ft. container fits one half of 40 ft. There are no 20 ft. high cube containers. Trucks may transport 1500-2200 tyres depending on the type of the truck.

3 Can I visit your location to see the tyres you are selling?

Yes of course, you are always welcome to visit us. Our company is located in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands. Please contact us in advance to make an appointment. This will ensure we have time for you, you will also receive the exact location from us.

4 Can I contact you for a quote?

You can write us an email or Whatsapp at any time.

5 Do you offer doubles, triples, quadruples and what are the costs?

We offer  doubling (2 in 1) and tripling (3 in 1) The prices for this additional service will be attached to the answer to your inquiry.

6 How many tyres do I have to buy at least?

The minimum amount is 1200 tyres.

7 How do I place an order?

The easiest way is to send us an email or Whatsapp. If possible add a list of the desired tiressizes, amount and in the case of shipments the destination.

8 What quality do the used tires have?

All of our tyres are very well inspected by sight and are in a good condition. Pressure tested can be done at customers wish with of course extra costs. We sort the tyres according to the requirements of our customers and their local markets.

9 Which languages does UsedTyres.EU speak?

As an export company we guarantee for the business languages Dutch, English, German and French. For other languages, like for example, Spanish we can manage ourselves in writing.